Laboratory Equipment

KL Cutting Device

  • The test specimen is mounted to the top plate at a pressure of (9+/-0,2) kPa and the test machine is switched off.
  • When the test starts, the samples are tested according to the wear resistance (number of cycles).
  • Reports are prepared according to the changes in the samples.

KL Heat Test Device

  • The sample is placed above the calorimeter with the outer surface facing up.
  • The heat stabilizer between the heating cylinder and the calorimeter is removed and the heating cylinder is brought into contact with the sample.
  • The sample is contacted during the threshold period and the changes are observed and a report is prepared.

KL Combustion Test Device

  • The burner is placed under the glove in the same plane as the vertical line or the middle finger and perpendicular to the glove surface.
  • The distance between the burner tip and the lower edge of the glove or middle finger is set to 20mm +/- 2 mm.
  • The gloves are tested for 3 seconds and 15 seconds for each ignition period.
  • Inspect the seams of the product for ignition and report is prepared.